Online Divorce Reviews for Attorneys

Online divorce is really beneficial because it’s a good method for figuring out the information that is needed for your divorce paperwork so that you can locate it and fill it out in your own time. It helps to be prepared, especially in a time that is usually highly stressful and emotional. Being prepared will make you feel like you have some control over the situation and therefore you won’t feel so stressed and overwhelmed. 

Online Divorce Reviews

Unfortunately, most US states don’t offer online divorce so your first step would be to go to your state courts website where you will be able to see if your state does allow online divorce. It might take a little bit of time to search the website before you’re able to find what you’re looking for. It may be listed under the “family law” section. If not, use the search function on the website and type in precise keywords such as “divorce forms” and see if that brings anything up. 

If your state does allow online divorce than it’s easy from here on out – or as easy as filling out a lot of paperwork can possibly be. It’s tedious but at least the instructions are crystal clear and not convoluted in any way.  

However, your next step is to make sure you fulfill the residency requirement that most states have. This means that you have to have been a resident of the state you currently reside in for a specified amount of time before you can get divorced online. The time frame is usually very small, no more than a few months or possibly several months at the most, so you will more than likely qualify. But if you have recently moved to your current state than you can simply do a quick search online to find the residency information that is specific to your state.

If you do qualify than you are finally at the end of the searching process. You just print out the paperwork, follow the instructions listed on your state courts website, and fill the paperwork out accordingly.  

Even if your state prohibits online divorce you can still have a quick and easy divorce through other means. If you and your spouse are both keen to avoid going to a hearing than you can fill out a settlement agreement which a judge will then need to sign.  

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The catch, of course, is that you and your spouse must both be in agreement with all of the proposed terms and, most importantly, be okay with coming to an agreement on any shared assets. If the two of you can’t see eye to eye than you will have to take the more difficult route of going to family court and getting divorce lawyers. However, if that is what it comes down to then there’s nothing that can be done. It’s better to work all of the financial things out amicably in court than to fight over it while trying to do an online divorce.